What to expect in class… When you arrive, you will be greeted by fellow CrossFitters and check out “the board” for what the WOD (work of the day) will be. We will warmup and stretch together; go over scaling and modifications for those who we will need them. Demonstration and instruction for each move will be reviewed and then a brief question/answer portion will follow. Once everyone is ready, the music will be turned up and we will get to business.


What is CrossFit… In just a few words, CrossFit is a real world, functional fitness program. People of all ages and abilities will reap the benefits and should expect their ability to do real work increase dramatically. Progress is recorded and periodic drills are done to measure that progress. Individuals who CrossFit will lift, throw, push, run, pull, squat and complete many other movements more efficiently and with increased power.

1105 Cherry St.

Lamar, MO 64759

Tel: 816-769-1446

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CrossFit Lamar LinkedIn
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