Rules of the Box are simple:


  • Be mentally and physically prepared to sweat when you walk thru the door.


  • WOD’s start promptly to allow for maximum time for movements. Be prepared to start on time.


  • Check your ego at the door.Be considerate and encouraging of other CrossFitters whom may be at a different fitness or skill level and are working their hardest to be the best they can.


  • CrossFit Lamar is a family friendly atmosphere and we understand that from time to time you may need to bring your children so that you may participate in WOD’s.Out of respect and safety for CrossFit Lamar and other CrossFitters, children need to remain quiet and stay out of the way of CrossFit WOD movements.


  • Clean up after the WOD, clean up the area, clean equipment and return to the appropriate location.


  • Fellowship is important, make an effort to know your fellow CrossFitters.

1105 Cherry St.

Lamar, MO 64759

Tel: 816-769-1446

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