I was always the girl who said I wouldn't pay for something I can do at home...and wow that has changed! I would pay triple for what I have gotten from this program. It's not just physical it's an emotional and spiritual journey too! When your coach sends you a private message saying if you need an unscheduled emergency workout let me know and I will set it up says alot! This program has changed me not only physically but spiritually. Thank you!

~Melinda Maberry

Christy is an awesome coach, motivator, and encourager. I was definitely a beginner and with her help I have become an addict breaking personal bests weekly! She is great at keeping a variety in working out and also shows you modifications based on your fitness level! All I can say is TRY IT, you won't be sorry, it's life changing!!

~Heather Duncan

After 4 months of participating in Christy’s classes I can say I am getting the results I have been seeking.  I have more energy, more strength, more endurance and less pain than I have had since before having children.  I can now go out in my garden and work 1-2 hours raking, hoeing and pulling weeds without feeling exhausted and I can easily lift 50 pound feed bags without difficulty or pain.  I can work all day, run kids to practices, fix dinner, do laundry and the thousands of other daily tasks required and not feel totally wiped out as I did in the past.  Christy and CrossFit Lamar have not only changed my physical well-being but have also improved my emotional and spiritual well-being as well.

~Kim Friend

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